Winnie Litter Testimonials

The solid colored puppies below were sired by our Tsaphah

They are F2 Newfypoos

Mojo, the bi-colored parti F1B Newfypoo at the bottom of the page, was sired by Percy the parti Standard Poodle, who also sired our Bernedoodle, Panda


Staley is named after the Chicago Bears' mascot. He is 4 months old in these pictures. He looks just like his mama, Winnie the Poofoundland. It sounds like he acts very much like his daddy, who absolutely LOVES people! It can be difficult to teach a puppy not to get too excited when meeting new people when people get so excited to see such an adorable puppy, lol. Here's what JD of Anchorage has to say about his Newfypoo puppy:

  "It has been a while since I have updated you and wanted to let you know how we are doing. 
  We are awesome!  My little buddy and I are the best of friends. Staley is the best little boy and a real snuggle bunny. He is about 36# now and fluffy as can be. My friends marvel at how fast he grows and how well he listens to his daddy. Folks can’t believe he is so young. Everyone wants a Newfypoo now! 
  Staley has had a visit to a groomer and once we got some of that hair out of his eyes (such beautiful golden gems) he began to chase his toys around a lot more and plays fetch so well. He learns fast but seems to want to know why we are doing the things we do. There are gears turning in that head and he challenges me in a way no other dog has, we grow together. 
  He is starting to get his adult teeth. I can’t see many of them but he is ravaging his toys like a wild beast. 
  We go to the dog park a few times a week now. He is curious about the other dogs and is gentle as a lamb. He gives space to the more hyper dogs and sniffs around the others. His true passion though is the people. He loves humans. He is still jumping on folks a bit but he is getting better as he realizes that I don’t approve. He is so cute that folks get excited, make a fuss, and then he wants to jump on them and chew on their gloves and scarves when they squeal and coo at him. We work on that daily. I am constantly having to remind myself how young he is because of how well behaved he is at home. 
  We started puppy class last week. I am excited to get him into a place where he gets to see other pups and their humans learning new stuff."


Staley has been growing and learning in all of the best ways. I don’t know if I can express how much I love this guy, he is just the best friend I could ask for. He is always looking to make me happy, he learns what I want him to do even with my meager training skills. His puppy energy at 10 months is always there and he wants to share it with everyone he meets in the sweetest way. He bounds, pounces, and jumps to show his enthusiasm and chases his ball until my arm gets tired. He is so happy to meet everyone and can play with any dog regardless of their temperament.  He is just the happiest guy I have ever met.

  Our bond is strong.  Without any special training he stays with me on trails, rarely pulls on a leash, and always knows where I am when we are separated in the woods.  He loves his friends and want to play with people and dogs as long as he can but will snuggle on the couch for movie time. What a great BFF.

  I hope his siblings are just as great as he is. We have met a few (Nuska and Nali)and they seem great!  Staley makes myself and so many others so happy and I just hope this is how other clients of yours feel too.

  Staley weighs in at about 65 pounds or so. He free-feeds and never shows anxiety about food, not even when visiting dogs get into his dish.
  Our groomer loves him (Klara @ Furry Amigos) and gets free reign to cut his hair the way she wants. It is so fun to watch him morph over a month and have her trim him up. So much hair!  Yet I don’t have it all over my house, so strange how he doesn’t shed much.
  He loves water and while I have yet to get him comfortable swimming, he loves baths and never shies from rain. He can get so soggy and doesn’t care, yet dries so easily and doesn’t carry that smell that other dogs do.
  I am noticing some changes in him indicating that he is getting to be a teenager. He may change a bit but his personality is so sweet that I think he will be just as great as an adult. Staley is going to be a great candidate for a stud if you are still thinking about it. I am already hopeful that we can adopt one of his offspring into our home some day.  He could use a full time playmate and as an adult will be a great teacher.


Rufus recently turned six months and he continues to be such a wonderful addition to our family.  He has learned so much in such a short time and we are just so in love with his personality!  He is wonderful around people of all ages - still jumps when excited, but has transitioned more into jumping NEAR people than jumping ON them.  We can see him trying so hard to not jump, but depending on the excitement of the visitor it is sometimes hard to follow the rules!  Anytime someone comes over to visit and removes their shoes, he brings  their shoes right back to them as if to say "please put these back on and take me somewhere fun!"

     Rufus goes on a lot of fun outings to hike, to the beach, and to play with his puppy friends.  He loves to cool off in the water and is often seen laying in the ocean just relaxing.  He can be off leash while out in nature and he stays right near us, as he loves staying by his people.  If he sees other hikers or dogs up ahead, he always barks in a deep voice, but then stops once he is allowed to meet them.  We live on Kodiak so we love that he lets bears know we are in the vicinity!  Rufus has never met a dog he doesn't like, but he is also really good at taking cues from dogs that are not interested in wrestling around with him.  He seems to understand very clearly which dogs like to play and which want to be left alone. 

    At home, Rufus loves to play fetch and we were shocked that he learned how to fetch at only 3 months of age.  What a smartie pants!  He also knows the commands "sit", "down", "stay", "off", "come", and "shake".  "Stay" is the absolute hardest one for Rufus overall, and we are also still working on "leave it".  Rufus loves to just hang out at home too, and take naps sleeping stretched out on his back surrounded by shoes or stuffed animals!  

Thank You for having this puppy! We adore Moose...he is more like our fourth baby instead of a pet! He loves to snuggle. Right now my husband and I are having our quiet times on the couch before the kids wake up and daily Moose joins us laying his head in our laps💜. We had no idea what a huge blessing he could be to our family!
Moose is now 42lbs, almost 6 months old, guards us well, stays close to home, and loves to go on hikes as long as we are with him. He jumps around like a poodle and is super curly!!! but his face and front legs look like the Newphie side. He’s a sweet, sweet pup! We have him in a training class with an excellent, loving teacher at Petco here in Juneau. He sits, LEAVES IT, stay, look, go get it, go peepees, go poopoos, outside, stay at home, lay, roll over and is learning the word BE PATIENT when waiting for his eggs or chicken to cook...he seems VERY smart and learns quickly!

Moose sits with us for our morning quiet time...
We took Moose to the Glacier (3 minutes away!) for his first leash less walk on that trail and he did excellent. He got SUPER excited about it all and had to be held when a porcupine was on the trail. It was wonderful though!!! 
My 5 tear old, Helene, taught Moose not to jump on her from the beginning and he never does. Us bigger people love Moose's tall hugs...but she is too small. He is super faithful in keeping her safe and they romp for hours every day.
Just wanted to give you an update on Beaver. He has grown like a weed. His last weight at the vet was 25 pounds which was about a month ago. He is getting his permanent teeth. He actually looked like a beaver at one point with only two permanent front teeth. I’ve been taking him to any and all social events I can- he’s done so well with everyone he meets. Of course I got him a few costumes for Halloween and he’s so stinking cute. He loves to play with his toys and I haven’t found him chewing on anything he isn’t supposed to.  He is very smart and knows which rooms he isn’t allowed to be in. We have mastered sit, paw, and down and I hope to start him in formal training soon.  Hope the new puppies are doing well and that his brothers and sisters are doing well too.
Mojito Jo "MOJO"

MoJo is described in our house as my second daughter. No one ever expected me to get a dog as I have always been the Crazy Cat Lady, however once I met Mickey Blue, my neighbor’s Newfypoo… I fell in love immediately and was referred to Lindsey.  My daughter, Evelen says, “MoJo is a person with a rare hair condition.” She has so much personality, knows exactly what we are saying to her and always has an agenda. MoJo is so playful, one of the most bouncy Newfies you might meet. However, come evenings, MoJo will put herself to bed. MoJo goes everywhere with us, waiting patiently in the car while we are in dance class, appointments or shopping. To date, MoJo has completed four six-week puppy classes and goes to open puppy play times as much as the schedule allows. Almost every morning and evening, MoJo goes biking with us, off leash. She is very well mannered while off leash, listens and stays close to us (except to run through every single sprinkler that is running in the neighborhood.) She is very much a home body, keeping us in her sight, even while chasing rabbits out of the yard. Having Mojo in our lives has added a family member to our household. MoJo brings so much joy to anyone she meets. Multiple people have stopped to ask what kind of dog MoJo is, how is a Newfoundland/poodle cross possible and if we will breed her? MoJo, the cats (SofE, SandE, SuzE), Evelen and I plan on spending a very long time together as a happy fur family!

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