Upcoming 2020 Litters & Birth Announcements


Gracie's F1 Newfiedoodles with Chandler
This Breeding in October 2020 Did Not Result in Conception
We Will Try Again Between These 2 Dogs in April/May 2021
Puppies Would Go Home June/July


These puppies will be 50/50 Newfoundland and Standard Poodle. Mom, Gracie, is a black AKC purebred Newfoundland at 110 pounds. Dad, Chandler, is a cafe-au-lait tuxedo AKC purebred Standard Poodle about 45 pounds. Puppies are expected to be large, in the 60-100 pounds + range, males generally being larger than females. She does have male Newfiedoodle puppies over 100 pounds that are still growing. One of those big boys was the runt of 11 pups in his litter. Both parents are health tested and clear. Sire's had OFAs completed as well. We've already received 3 deposits to reserve puppies from this litter. Please read through this website thoroughly and research the Newfoundland, Standard Poodle, and Newfypoo before you contact us about reserving your puppy, and to help you decide if one of our Newfiedoodles might be the dog for you. Mom and dad are pictured below. Also pictured is Gracie with a previous litter of Newfypoos, and a few puppies from her previous litters. Pricing for this litter will range between $2,000 - $2,400 depending on the color of the puppy you choose after they're born. The price list can be found on the "Payment/Price/Deposit/Policies" page.




Kippi's F1 Bordoodles with Bohannon
Born 12-18-20
To go Home in February
These puppies are 50/50 Border Collie and Standard Poodle. Mom is Kippi, a 45 pound black and white parti/tuxedo AKC purebred Standard Poodle, and dad is Bohannon, a merle/sable purebred Border Collie registered with ASDR. He has amazing sky blue eyes! Puppies are expected to be medium/large in size at maturity, between 45-60 pounds, males generally being larger than females. Both parents are health tested and clear of genetic disease in their breed panels. These parents have had a litter together before. Mom and dad and some of their puppies from their previous litter are pictured below, as well as a picture of the litter currently advertised. You can read more about Bohannon and Kippi on the "Parent Dogs/Waiting List" page of this website. Please read through this website thoroughly and research the Border Collie, Standard Poodle, and Bordoodle before contacting us to reserve your Bordoodle puppy. Researching these types of dogs and reading through our website will help you decide if one of our Bordoodle puppies might be the right fit for you. 

Bohannon in Training




The Current Bordoodle Litter

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