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Gracie's F1 Newfypoos
This Litter is SOLD OUT
Born 5-12-20, to go home in early July
Free Delivery to Anchorage at 8 weeks

This litter is half Newfoundland and half Standard Poodle. Gracie's Newfypoos have been very popular with their wonderful temperaments. Her first litter was tested for service/therapy potential and 8 of 10 scored well and went on to service/therapy training. Both parents are AKC registered and have completed genetic health testing with clear results on everything. Joker also has completed OFAs for his hips, elbows, patellas and dentition with good results. Weight at maturity for females is expected to be between 55-80 pounds for females, males could be 70-100 pounds or more. Dad is 55 pounds, mom is about 110 pounds. We do share these results, pedigrees, and registration with paying customers upon request. Prices will range between $1,600 - $2,000 for this litter, depending on color and gender. See the "Payment/Price/Deposit/Policies" page for the price list. Gracie surprised us with a small litter of just six puppies this time, and sadly the sixth was born dead. This litter is sold out. Let us know if you'd like to send your deposit to reserve a puppy from a future Newfypoo litter.

JOKER the Standard Poodle


Kippi's F1 Bernedoodles
Born 5-20-20
To go Home in July
Free Delivery to Anchorage

7 puppies in traditional tri-color, brindle tri-color, and black and white tuxedo! 2 of the tri-color girls only have rust markings under the tail. Sometimes it takes longer for the copper points to come in on the eyebrows and other spots. Those 2 girls have a chocolate/red tint in their black coat, which indicates the sire's line may contain some red Bernese Mountain Dogs, which are very rare. We once had a Bernese Mountain Dog who had that same red tint from her bloodlines. All the pups in this litter have ideal, fancy, and flashy white markings on the face, chest, belly, paws, and tail! Absolutely gorgeous! PICTURE OF THE LITTER COMING SOON! These puppies are half BMD and half Standard Poodle. Kippi's puppies are well-known for their amazing temperaments. Many of our clients with her puppies have gushed that they believe their puppy would make an excellent candidate for a service or therapy dog. This litter will no doubt also be a bunch of little Einsteins! Buddy is a federally registered service dog and assists his owner, who's a US veteran. Special thanks to Chuck and Julie who have allowed us to use Buddy to sire this litter. Both parents of this litter are AKC registered and genetically health tested. Bernedoodles are pricier than most other types of Doodles. Please read through this website thoroughly and research Bernedoodles, Standard Poodles, and Bernese Mountain Dogs before contacting us to reserve a puppy from this litter. We've received six deposits already for this litter, so we just have one spot left! Expected weight of females at maturity could range between 55-70 pounds or more, males could range between 70 pounds to over 100. Mom is 45 pounds, sire at 2 years of age was 110 pounds and growing. Prices for this litter range between $1,900-$2,800 depending on color and pattern.

Moose the F2 Newfypoo

Moose is a two-year-old (next month) and full grown young adult chocolate and very curly F2 Newfypoo. He's out of Winnie and Tsaphah's 2nd litter, so he's 2nd generation and 50/50. Both parents are health tested and clear. His family loves him very much and it's very hard for them to let him go, but they just can't keep him right now. He’s very trainable for someone who has experience and time! He sits, lays, rolls, does inside voice BUT he will not STAY (when outside), or recall on walks so we only have him on a leash and he still pulls wanting to say hi to everyone and everything. He IS very friendly even though his bark is deep! He will require more grooming than the average Newfypoo because he does have a very curly coat, so he's recommended for someone prepared to do their own grooming with the virus rules making it difficult to get a dog groomed by a professional right now. He's 54 pounds under all the fur. Please contact 9zero7-two09-238one for more information.

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