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Patches the Standard Poodle

Porter the Aussiedoodle has found her new home, but we also have a spayed female AKC Standard Poodle who we're looking for a forever home for. Patches turned 4 years old in May. She's house trained, crate trained, uses a doggie door, respects fences, just a great family dog or good for a single person, too. She's very gentle, sweet, obedient, and sensitive, and would most appreciate a gentle hand and soft voice. She's not a fan of fetch or anything, as she doesn't play with humans, but would love to help watch the kids and play with other dogs. If you have a fur buddy that needs a friend to play with, she's your girl, as long as she gets her share of cuddles. She's almost 50 pounds but wants to be a lap dog and wants to be on the couch snuggling with her people. Absolutely gorgeous, happy, healthy girl. She has golden brown eyes with a touch of sky blue in one eye. She's mostly white with cafe-au-lait (shades of light brown) merle parti color. Good in the car, good on the leash, good on the trails. Since she's a Poodle, it's a must that you must either be a decent groomer yourself to be able to keep her clean and healthy, or have a groomer lined up, which can be pricey for some folks. If you don't do upkeep on her grooming in between grooming visits and don't get her groomed often enough, your groomer will all of a sudden tell you that they are too booked to get you in. They don't like seeing dogs whose grooming needs are neglected by their owners, especially Poodles and Doodles. We want to ensure she has a good fit, so take her home for a couple days, a couple weeks, or a couple months, and if she doesn't work for your situation or she doesn't seem to be bonding or settling in, we'd love to take her back to make sure she is able to get comfortable in a more ideal home for her. She came to us as an adult dog and has bonded well with us, but we never intended to keep her long term as we already have a few forever pets, and she's been retired from our breeding program, so we're looking for her retirement home/family where she doesn't have to compete against 4 other dogs for attention, though she'd love to be in a home with another dog. Since she bonded so well with us after coming to us as an adult dog, we're certain she'll bond very well with another family that loves her. We do have video of her on a walk and in the car if you're interested in her and would like to see how she does in the car or on a walk before taking her home. She's a little shy towards strangers since she got spayed at the vet a few months ago, and she's very bonded to us and settled in here, so she may take a bit to warm up to the idea of new people and a new home, but she's worth the patience. Please do not ask to meet her if you expect her to love you at "hello." She's a loyal dog and will not want to love on you or go home with you right from the start. She'd much rather stay here with us than go with a stranger. It will take some time for her to transition, but she's a really good dog, and we have several good dogs. We thought another family might really enjoy having her, too. We could meet at a neutral place like a local park or trail, or I could bring her to your home to introduce her to her new people and surroundings if you would like to give her a try. She will not go to a shelter or anything like that. She will stay with us if we don't find a great fit for her.

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