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Patches's F1B Standard Bernedoodles
Due late May/early June
To go home in July
See the Parent Dogs/Waiting List page to see and read about the parents
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Harvey is a previous puppy out of these 2 parent dogs. He is a merle tuxedo, so he does not present with the copper points often seen on Bernedoodles (though we expect some of his siblings in the upcoming litter will). He's a muddy merle, which is a blend of blue merle and chocolate merle, as the coat is black based, but some spots had a tint of chocolate or chocolate swirls. Harvey enjoys his local family with children and his best cat friend. He's a wonderful, natural therapy dog for his kids and does wonders to calm panic attacks and curb anxieties. Harvey was the only Bernedoodle born in his litter. His 10 litter mates were all Newfypoos out of Tsaphah. This time we're looking forward to a whole litter of Bernedoodles out of Dillon, just like Harvey! We're very excited to do a repeat of this duo! We think this may be our best Bernedoodle litter yet!

PREGNANCY CONFIRMED!!! See the video or her pregnant belly below! This litter will not only have gorgeous color and be crazy cute, but they will be 75% Standard Poodle and 25% Bernese Mountain Dog, so an excellent cross for those hypo-allergenic and minimal to non-shedding qualities with a good amount of wave, and some puppies being more curly. With Dillon's traditional Bernedoodle tri-coloring with the copper points and white fancy and flashy markings in all the right places, and Patches's (carries tri) merle coloring and history of throwing a variety of interesting colors and patterns, this litter is sure to be a huge splash! Don't worry about the waiting list, though. It looks long, but nobody has voiced a commitment to 1st pick of the litter yet, so as of now 2nd pick is still available for this litter, and possibly 1st pick if Dillon's (Dillon is the sire) owner doesn't decide to get a puppy from this litter. We're accepting a $300 deposit now to reserve your puppy and you still have a few months to prepare for puppy to go home. To find out more about the parent dogs, you can find them on the Parent Dogs/Waitlist Page, and/or view their profiles and testing results on Paw Print Pedigrees. It looks like it's going to be another larger size litter out of Patches, so there should be plenty of beautiful and colorful puppies to choose from!

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Just to give you an idea of the wide range of colors and patterns we've gotten in Patches's previous litters, these are some of her Standard Poodles and Newfypoos:

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Bernedoodles on the Way - VIDEO BELOW!!

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