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Patches' AKC Standard/Large Poodles
Expected End of October
To go Home in December
Accepting Deposits Now - PREGNANCY CONFIRMED!!!

 We have already received a few deposits for this litter, but we still have space available. The sire, Reese, is a gorgeous chocolate and peanut butter phantom/tri with a drizzle of vanilla on his chest who can throw a variety of colors, though not merle. The expectant dam of this litter, Patches, is a mostly white chocolate parti/merle and throws very colorful and beautiful litters with adorable, fancy, flashy faces and markings. Since the dam's merle coloring is dominant, we do expect several puppies with the merle coloring in this litter. Both parents either are tri-color or carry the tri-color gene and will pass it on to most of these puppies. Patterns that are likely to show up in this litter include solid, abstract, parti, phantom, tuxedo, tri-color, merle, and combinations of these, and the color spectrum likely includes black, chocolate, apricot, red, white, and combinations of these. You can read more about the parents and see more pictures of them on the "Parent Dogs/Waiting List" page. You can also find pictures of Patches' previous litter of Standard Poodles on the "Patches' Past Standard Poodle Litter" page under the "More" tab on the menu to get an idea of what Patches puppies in this litter may look like. She's also had gorgeous Newfiedoodles and one beautiful Bernedoodle puppy showed up in her multi-sired litter, which is pictured above. The price list for this litter can be found on our "Price/Payment/Deposit/Policies" page. These puppies will go home with a 2 year health guarantee, papers to register FULL AKC, health, coat, and color testing results for the parents (they are clear through Paw Print Genetics breed panel), new puppy tips, a chew toy, a collar, an ID tag with your contact information, and a bag of food. We do not charge extra for breeding rights. Patches' smallest litter was 9 puppies, her largest was 11 puppies, to give you an idea how many puppies we expect. Anticipated size for their puppies would be 40-70 pounds, as mom is 43 pounds and dad is 65 pounds and growing.


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To the left is a video of Patches' last Poodle litter sleeping. Since Reese is the sire of the upcoming litter, while we expect some parti, we don't expect as many mostly white parti colors as we had in the last Poodle litter.

To the right is Patches' last Poodle litter playing at about 3-4 weeks of age. It looks like there's a few sleepy heads.They were learning how to walk, bark, and growl, and were about to move into a bigger area with more room to play.

43 pounds

65 pounds and growing

Some Puppies from Patches' Previous Poodle Litter

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