Upcoming 2020 Litters & Birth Announcements
Panda's F1B Bernedoodles - SOLD OUT
Born 2-12-20
Free Delivery to Anchorage at 8 Weeks
Ready to Go Home in Early April

Congrats to Panda and Joker! Seven puppies - 3 boys, 4 girls, 3 partis, 4 tuxedos, all black and white like mom and adorable! Big bone with blocky heads in this litter. Some have the dew claws on the back feet from the Bernese Mountain Dog. Very cute! This litter is 75 percent Standard Poodle, and 25 percent Bernese Mountain Dog, so they will be more athletic and smaller boned, as well as more wavy/curly and hypo-allergenic than the F1 Bernedoodle. By more athletic, I mean these puppies, as mature adults, will have structure better suited to handle being a running or long distance hiking companion than the typical F1 Bernedoodle.

Mom is Panda, a first time mom, our black and white tuxedo, bi-color, F1 Bernedoodle. We've had Panda since she was a pup, and we were involved in her breeding. We owned her sire, Percy, a blue (grey) and white parti AKC Standard Poodle who was color tested and clear on his genetic health testing for the breed. Panda was pick of the litter. We knew both parents pretty well, so we knew Panda would be a sweet, funny, adorable, very affectionate, loyal social butterfly who loves babies of all kinds. We were right! Panda is my girl! She and I are in love! I had Panda's name picked out before she was born, and I guess it was prophetic because she looks like a Panda. Panda has her genetic health testing completed (breed panel specific).

Sire of this litter is Joker, a handsome chocolate/silver/beige and white parti AKC Standard Poodle. Joker has visited us a couple times now and we've gotten to know him well. He's such a loving dog, raised with babies, great with kids, strangers, other dogs, real mellow, no anxieties, friendly, quiet, just a really cool dog. He has an athletic build and great focus. He's not only clear for everything under the sun on his genetic testing, he's also completed OFAs with great results! The results for both parents will be available to paying customers upon request to protect that information from fraud.

Panda is pictured below with the newborns! Individual pictures pf the puppies in this litter are now posted on the "Current Litters" page, at the top of the page, with Patches' Poodles posted at the bottom of the page.

PANDA the F1 Bernedoodle

JOKER the Standard Poodle


Males and Females,
Parti and Tuxedo
Still Available


The F1B Bernedoodles in this video are only 2 weeks old, their eyes and ears have now opened, and they have discovered they can bark, whine, and growl, so right now they like to hear themselves talk during playtime.

Patches' Standard Poodles
Born 2-15-20 to go Home April 11th
Free Delivery to Anchorage After 8 Weeks
Males and Females Available

Congrats to Patches and Joker! They now have 11 new parti Standard Poodle puppies! We have 2 creme and white, 6 chocolate and white, and 3 merle and white. Five puppies still available! Text 9ero7-4two0-40one7 or email me for more pictures if there is a certain puppy you'd like to see more pictures of. Their individual pictures can be seen on the "Current Litters" page at the bottom half of the page under Panda's puppies. The "Current Litters" page will tell you which puppies are still available in that litter. Make sure you are looking at the Poodle puppies, and not the Bernedoodles. The Bernedoodles are black and white, the Poodles are shades of brown and white.


Both parents are genetic health tested and clear, sire has OFAs completed with great results. Results and pedigree information are available upon request to paying customers to protect that information from fraud. This litter IS AKC registered, so each puppy will go home with papers that I have in my hands now so that you may register your puppy. 


Patches, the mom of this litter, is the newest addition to our family. Since we've had Kippi, Standard Poodles have really grown on us. My husband went from being a little embarrassed to own a Doodle because of the Poodle in the mix, to realizing his favorite thing about the Doodle is the Poodle in the mix! So we had to get another Poodle, of course! Patches is exactly what we were looking for to complete our breeding program, as far as the girls in our home. She's a very unique chocolate merle parti, mostly white. I was wondering if I wanted a merle or a parti, and when I saw Patches was both, I knew I had to get her! She has so much color in her background, and it came out in her first litter (pictured below). Her dam is a very pretty apricot/cream w/a large white patch on her chest. Her sire is a flashy merle parti phantom. It was meant to be for us to get Patches! She has golden brown eyes, but one eye has a touch of sky blue in it. Really cool! Patches is adorable with spots and patches on each eye. She is so sweet, such a cuddle bug, and very gentle. She likes to play outside with the other dogs, but inside she likes to cuddle. She loves everyone, especially babies, human and animal alike!


The sire of this litter is Joker the Standard Poodle, mentioned and pictured above, as he sired Panda's Bernedoodles, as well. 

Patches' New Litter-11 Puppies!

11 Standard Poodle puppies are 2 weeks old in these videos of them dreaming amd playing. Males and females are still available, and we have just one merle left - a girl named Hope! They are learning to walk, and have discovered they can bark, growl, and whine.

Gracie's F1 Newfypoos
Due in May, To go Home in July
Free Delivery to Anchorage at 8 weeks
Accepting Deposits Now

This litter will be half Newfoundland and half Standard Poodle. We have received 4 deposits for this litter. Fifth pick is still available, and we will accept 7 deposits total for this litter before they are born. Gracie's last litter was 11 puppies, and her first was 10, so there should be plenty of puppies to choose from in this litter. Gracie's last litter consisted of chocolate puppies and black puppies, but this time we bred her to Joker, who's a chocolate and white parti, so we're hoping for some Landseer/parti coloring in addition to solid colors for this litter. Gracie's Newfypoos have been very popular with their wonderful temperaments. Her first litter was tested for service/therapy potential and 8 of 10 scored well and went on to service/therapy training. Both parents are AKC registered and have completed genetic health testing with clear results on everything. Joker also has completed OFAs for his hips, elbows, patellas and dentition with good results. We do share these results, pedigrees, and registration with paying customers upon request. Prices will range between $1,600 - $2,000 for this litter, depending on color and gender. See the "Payment/Price/Deposit/Policies" page for the price list.

Don't forget to check out our customer testimonials and previous litters under the "More" tab on the menu bar. The "Gallery" page is a good stop, as well.

Kippi's F1 Bernedoodles
Due in May, to go Home in July
Accepting Deposits Now
Free Delivery to Anchorage at 8 Weeks

This litter will be 50 percent Standard Poodle and 50 percent Bernese Mountain Dog. Both parents are AKC registered and have charming temperaments. Kippi, our black and white parti/tuxedo Standard Poodle. is the mom, and dad is Buddy, the Bernese Mountain Dog. Buddy is a federally registered service dog for his owner, Chuck, who is a wounded veteran. We are very grateful Chuck and Julie allowed us to use Buddy for this litter. These are going to be little Einsteins, for sure! You can find more information about Kippi on the "Parent Dogs/Waiting List" page on the menu bar on this website. Buddy will be added to that page soon. Pictures of and details about her last Bernedoodle litter can be found on the "More" tab on the "Kippi's Past Bernedoodle Litter" page. On the "More" tab, you can also find some testimonials for her past litters of Doodles.

Stay Tuned...More 2020 Litter Plan Announcements Coming...

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