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Patches Litter Testimonials

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Archer the Standard Poodle

We received Archer, our Standard Parti Poodle, from Lyndsey in the spring of 2020 and the past year has been full of fun and positive experiences with him in our family.  We have greatly enjoyed working with him in training sessions and we are continually impressed by his intelligence.  We decided to join a dog obedience training class when he was 6 months old and he very quickly learned the new commands expected of him and did an excellent job learning while surrounded by other dogs and people.  He loves action around the house and always wants to join the family in active games.  He loves to play fetch with any toy, is quickly developing his ability to run down and catch frisbees, and has even begun learning basic bird hunting skills/ commands.  Archer is extremely friendly with every person he has come into contact with and is very social with other dogs; he stayed with friends for a week while we traveled and they were very impressed with his behavior and positive energy at about 12 months age.  Archer has brought tremendous joy and healthy activity to our family and we look forward to many more years with him in our lives.  Based on our experience we highly recommend a poodle from Poodles N Doodles R Us.

IMG_1398 (1).JPG
Homer 2 week.jpg
Hazel the F1B Newfypoo

Hi Lyndsey! I wanted to check in and give you a Hazel update. She's doing awesome. She is just the sweetest. We love her so much... She was 33.9 pounds at her appointment today... She's so beautiful. Her coat is so soft I was sad to have her groomed and cut her hair...She's such a joy. Here's some pics...

NOTE FROM LYNDSEY: Hazel is the daughter of Tsaphah the Newfypoo and was in Patches's first Newfypoo litter, and she was named Frappe. She's still just a puppy in these pictures. Her family has an unrelated Newfypoo male from us a couple years prior. They loved him so much they had to get another. Hazel and Cooper Jack were living local, but moved to the Lower 48 with their family and continuing to explore and enjoy life together as besties. Enjoy pics of the Ewok!

IMG_1367 (1).JPG
Finnigan and Ronan the F1B Newfypoos

NOTE FROM LYNDSEY: Finnigan and Ronan are brothers from the same litter. I don't have an official testimonial from their mom, but I had to say something about these two puppies out of Patches and share some of their pictures because she sends me updates, and the pictures just melt your heart. Finn and Ronan's mom is a teacher in a remote village, I won't say where, but these 2 boys get to hang out in the classroom all day and love on the kids there. They are therapy dogs in the making, if not already, for sure. It's wonderful to see more examples of our our puppies making a difference in the world, and enjoying it at the same time...

IMG_1926 (1).JPG
IMG_1924 (1).JPG
IMG_1919 (1).JPG
Finn n Ronan doing tricks for treats.jpg
Finn working the classroom.jpg
Finn learning by osmosis.jpg
Ronan helping with math.jpg
Finn n Ronan playing on the beach heart.jpg
first haircuts Finn and Ronan.jpg
First Haircuts

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