Parents of Our Puppies

*See our waiting list at the bottom of this page*

Tsaphah the F1 Newfiedoodle
​Tsaphah is the one that started it all. He came to us from a popular breeder in Kentucky at the end of 2014. He's an F1 (first generation) Newfypoo. That means one of his parents was a purebred Standard Poodle and one was a purebred Newfoundland. His sire was a gorgeous solid white Poodle with champion bloodlines and his dam was a big and beautiful brown Newfoundland with a white patch on her chest. Tsaphah was bred for personality and it shows! He's basically everything everyone wants in a Newfypoo. This clown knows how to make us laugh! He can be lazy or fun, always up for anything. He loves to be put to work - hauling firewood or pulling the kids or fishing gear on a sled. He is very charismatic, very loving towards everyone - even strangers - and such a handsome boy! He is super smart! We have to spell words so that he doesn't catch on when we are discussing going somewhere. We think he has learned how we spell "go" and "walk", lol. He can open and close doors, turn off the lights, and he loves to play hide-n-seek with the kids! He would be great at search and rescue! He loves to learn new things, to go new places, and meet new people. He has a thick, curly, amazing, blue/black fleece, big, brown, expressive, puppy-dog eyes, and crazy long eye lashes - just a cutie! He used to be a solid deep black, but at five years old, he looks like a silver back gorilla. He's of tall stature, almost 28" high at the shoulders, and 80 pounds. When people meet him they usually comment that he is much taller, curlier, and impressive looking than he appears in pictures. They gasp at the size of his furry paws. His puppies are absolutely stunning and are as adored by their new families as Tsaphah is adored by us. Tsaphah has been health tested and color tested and is clear off all diseases recommended to be tested for in the Newfypoo.
Patches the Standard Poodle

Standard Poodles have really grown on us. My husband went from being a little embarrassed to own a Doodle because of the Poodle in the mix, to realizing his favorite thing about the Doodle is the Poodle in the mix! So we had to get another, of course! Patches is exactly what we were looking for to complement our breeding program. She's a very unique chocolate merle parti, mostly white, at 45 pounds. I was wondering if I wanted a merle or a parti, and when I saw Patches was both, I knew I had to get her! She has so much color in her background. She throws gorgeous color and a large litter, no matter the sire. Her dam is a very pretty apricot/cream w/a large white patch on her chest. Her sire is a flashy merle parti phantom. She has golden brown eyes, but one eye has a touch of sky blue in it. Really cool! Patches is adorable with patches on each eye. She is so sweet, such a cuddle bug, and very gentle. Not an ounce of prey drive in this girl! She likes to play outside with the other dogs, but inside she's very chill. She is a happy girl, and loves human and animal alike!

Panda the F1 Bernedoodle

Panda is our black and white tuxedo F1 Bernedoodle. Although she's bi-color, she carries tri-color, too. We've had Panda since she was a pup, and we were involved in her breeding. We owned her sire, Percy, a very loving blue (grey) and white parti AKC Standard Poodle who was color tested and clear on his genetic health testing for the breed. Her dam is an AKC Bernese Mountain Dog bred for longevity with a sweet, patient, and gentle temperament. Panda was pick of the litter. We knew both parents pretty well, so we knew Panda would be a sweet, floppy, funny, adorable, very affectionate, loyal social butterfly who loves babies of all kinds. We were right! Panda is my girl! She and I are in love! I had Panda's name picked out before she was born, and I guess it was prophetic because she looks like a Panda. She is 65 pounds and has her genetic health testing completed (breed panel specific).

Reese the Standard Poodle
Reese is an AKC registered chocolate and peanut butter phantom with a dribble of vanilla creme on his chest. I named him Reese because when I first laid eyes on him I thought of a Reese's chocolate peanut butter cup. He's just as sweet! Reese's parents have been heath tested and he is clear by parentage. He has strong and sound structure at 60 pounds and growing, and my, what a beautiful coat! His coat is getting gorgeous spirals of ringlets. He's so soft and fluffy and loves to give hugs! Reese is very gentle, playful, and gets along well with everyone. He is very athletic and has great focus. He came to us from Oregon and we are so grateful to Gail that she was willing to ship him up so we could have him! He's an amazing addition to our breeding program.
Sweet Reese's Cup
10 Months
Reese and his litter mates
Dillon the F1 Bernedoodle

Dillon is half Standard Poodle and half Bernese Mountain Dog, so a first generation Doodle, and his coat is ideal for Bernedoodles and those hypo-allergenic and non-shedding qualities. He is not owned by us. We thank Donna for allowing us to use him in our breeding program. Dillon is one of our puppies out of our much beloved Poodle, Kippi, and we hope he's going to be having puppies with Patches the Standard Poodle in the Spring of 2021. This could be our first litter of merle colored Bernedoodles! Dillon is a very handsome traditional tri-color with AKC registered parents who were both health tested. Dillon is clear for all diseases recommended to be tested for in both parent breeds. At 68 pounds and growing, he's a big, friendly, easy-going, goofy guy, who seems to live for making people laugh. At less than 18 months of age, he's a sweet, energetic boy who loves to play with other dogs and is eager to please.

Dillon Teddy Puppy with Toys.jpg
Berlin the F1 Bernedoodle
Berlin was born into our breeding program and is expecting her first litter this summer. She's Dillon's (above) half sister. Her mama, Kippi the Standard Poodle, passed on to Berlin and Dillon her wonderful, sweet, friendly, gentle, kind, and mellow demeanor so many of our clients love. We didn't intentionally hold Berlin back for our breeding program until the man who had reserved her for first pick of the litter had to pass on the litter. Are we glad he did! We're so happy to have her to continue Kippi's legacy. Berlin loves everyone, especially the furry babies, but Reese is her best friend. They're inseparable. She's a solid, muscular girl at about 65 pounds, and a beautiful traditional tri-color. She is health tested and clear (by parentage, too) through Paw Print Genetics breed panel. She likes to sit outside on the firewood pile and watch the snowfall and look around when Reese isn't begging her to play. Berlin's very affectionate, loves to give hugs and kisses and stare into our eyes, and she prefers to sleep in the same room as a human at night, whether on, under, next to, or at the foot of the bed. 
Gracie the Newfoundland
When we were informed Gracie was available, we jumped at the opportunity to obtain her, and we are so glad we did! She has the most amazing temperament, really just the stereotypical and ideal personality people tend to hope for in a Newfoundland. She's sweet, gentle, quiet, calm, listens well, and she's a friendly girl. She's wonderful with children, good with strangers, and gets along well with other animals of all kinds. What more could you ask for? Ok, she can be a little lazy sometimes, but she's up for a nice walk, a ride in the car, or a game outside whenever her people are! She was in our home for 18 months before we finally placed her in a guardian home where she can have more of the attention she enjoys. Her new owner is absolutely in love with her, takes her out on adventures, and is going to let Gracie come back to visit us sometimes so that she can get bred and have puppies occasionally.
She has the looks we wanted for Newfypoo puppies. Her coat is so shiny and black, her paws are big like a bear, she has the huge and blocky head we like to see on a Newf, and OH - her adorable face! Just TRY not to give in to those big, brown, puppy-dog eyes!
Gracie was the breeder's pick of the litter. She had one litter for her breeder before we got her. Out of 10 puppies, all of her puppies except 2 were tested for and went on to service/therapy dog training. One was kept by her breeder, and one was kept by a friend of her breeder. We have very good reason to believe many, if not all of Gracie's puppies will be excellent candidates for service or therapy dogs. Gracie has been health tested and is clear of all diseases recommended to be tested for the Newfoundland. She's at least 110 pounds and throws very large Newfypoo puppies.
IMG_1008 (1).JPG
Archer the Standard Poodle

Archer is an AKC Standard Poodle born to our Patches. Patches has been health tested through Paw Print Genetics, the breed panel, and Archer's sire, Joker, is also health tested for just about everything under the sun. Both parents are clear for all diseases they were tested for, and Joker also completed his OFAs. Archer is not owned by us, he lives in a local home and his family has children who adore him! We thank our clients, the Mortons, for allowing us to use him in our breeding program this Spring. It was really hard for them to part with him while he was doing his part to make puppies for you all. He should have F1 Newfypoos and F1B Bernedoodles puppies on the way for us. He has been tested for the merle color gene and does NOT carry it. Archer is a very handsome chocolate and white parti color with abundant amounts of ticking. He's about 16 months old, so may still be growing and filling out, but currently 50+ pounds. He's a friendly, easy-going, sweet guy, who is very well behaved. We're very proud! He's great with all people of all ages and other dogs, too.

Waiting List: (preferences may change, let me know if you want to change your preferences)

Green means these individuals and families are ready to send in their deposit, or have already, to reserve a puppy from a current or future litter.

Red means these folks want updates and are opting to wait for a future litter and are not ready to send their deposit to hold their puppy.

1. Amanda F. - wants 50% Newf

2. Elise A. - wants F1B pup

3. Recek family - only interested in a black male

4. Rina H. - Kippi's litter, not ready to send deposit

5. Sydney S. - wants hypo-allergenic puppy from Kippi

6. Mattox M. - interested in runt of the litter, will wait for future litter

7. Elizabeth T. - TBD

8. Olivia S. - prefers a male, any color, preferably a black or brown Newfypoo

9. Colleen N. - will wait for future litter

10. Healy family

11. Jessica D. - prefers brown Newfypoo, not ready

12. Rebecca J. - maybe a female, lighter color, will wait for future litter

13. Emily S. - would like a male, no color preference, will wait for future litter 

14. Sam A. - interested in future Bernedoodle litters

15. Bradley S. - interested in a dog similar to his Goldendoodle

16. K. Bower - interested in a Bernedoodle puppy

17. Shelby - interested in a male Bernedoodle puppy

18. Michael O. - interested in a Bernedoodle puppy

19. J. Fosberg - wants a Bordoodle out of Kippi

20. Ami R. - wants a Bernedoodle

21. Heath J. - interested in a Bernedoodle

22. J. Block Denzer - wants a Doodle, not ready yet

23. Erin A. - interested in Bordoodles

24. Joy R. - interested in Kippi's Bordoodle litter. Returning customer. Has a Newfypoo puppy out of Kippi. May have to wait for a future litter

25. Samantha F. - wants to be a guardian home for a male non-black Newfypoo

26. Lisa L. - received deposit, prefers wavy chocolate with blocky head, 1st pick of a future litter, not Gracie's 2021 summer litter w/Reese and Archer

27. Tara A. - interested in Aussiedoodles

28. Crystal B. - interested in male Aussiedoodle for family pet

29. Grace V. - interested in Reina's Aussiedoodle litter

30. Tammy B. - interested in Golden Newdles or Aussiedoodles

31. Elaine C. - interested in King George the Aussiedoodle

32. Randy V. - wants a black male Newfypoo

33. Morgan Y. - male Aussiedoodle, prefer red merle if available

​34. J. Vaughn - wants a Newfypoo, will wait

35. Peyton W. - return customer, has Monroe the Bernedoodle out of Kippi, interested in a 2nd puppy in 2020, maybe a merle or golden color in another Doodle

36. Ashley C. - wants a Newfypoo puppy in 2020

37. B. Gould - interested in a puppy

38. Regina F. - interested in a Bernedoodle

39. Adriana W. - interested in an Aussiedoodle

40. Denise H. - interested in an Aussiedoodle

41. Kerry H. - guardian home

42. Bradley H. - interested in Patches' Standard Poodle

43. Brice P. - interested in a male Poodle

44. Jessica in Fairbanks - interested in a Poodle

45. Amanda H. - hopeful for a puppy

46. Amber T. - interested in a Bernedoodle out of Panda, possibly Penguin

47. Egan L. - female Bernedooodle or female Bordoodle, not quite ready yet
48. Stephanie G. - rolled deposit to future Newfypoo litter, 2nd pick

49. Anya S. - Poodle or Doodle

50. Kristan B. - Male Bernedoodle, Panda's litter, possibly sending deposit for 4th pick

51. Mauryn R. - a Winnie black male F2 Newfiedoodle

52. R. Hairston - received deposit for Gracie Newfypoo, 1st pick for this litter, chose Wilma

53. Margaret K. - black male Newfypoo, F1 preferred

54. Rosalyn L. - Patches merle F1B Newfypoo

55. Sara S. - Bernedoodle puppy, not ready yet

56. Tanner - Bernedoodle from a future litter, not Patches' Spring 2021 litter, 2nd pick

57. Ally H. - interested in Sonic

58. T. Lawrason - Bernedoodle

59. Lucrisha - interested in Latte, but must wait for a spring Newfypoo

60. Tad F. - prefers a male abstract Bernedoodle out of Panda and Axel

61. Briana L. - interested in an apricot Bernedoodle

62. Natasha S. - interested in a female Bernedoodle or Newfypoo

63. Jonita S. - Newfypoo

64. Tonya B. - interested in a Bernedoodle or other type of Doodle

65. Willie D. - wants a female Standard Poodle, prefers an apricot *

66. Sara A. - returning customer, has Samson, interested in another Gracie Newfiedoodle

67. Laura C. - (Jun) wants a brown Newfypoo out of Gracie, either gender, sister has London Bernedoodle out of Kippi

​68. Tracy - returning customer, has Thea the Bordoodle out of Kippi and Bohannon, wants a 2nd, decided to wait for a Mini Aussiedoodle out of Dixie in 2021

69 Kristopher Y. - returning customer, wants a 2nd Bernedoodle, has Madison/Aurora

70. Grace J. - interested in a Mini Aussiedoodle

71. Jocelyn H. - interested in a Bordoodle or Newfypoo puppy, her neighbor owns Steve, the Newfiedoodle

72. Sarah P. - interested in a hypo-allergenic puppy

73. Ayla C. - wants a Newfypoo

74. John in Wasilla - wants a female Poodle or Doodle

75. Gabriel family - wants a smaller dog, maybe a Mini Aussiedoodle in 2021

76. Donna K. - will choose a puppy out of a future litter (probably Harley Bernedoodle puppy) with steep discount for Dillon stud service fee, 1st pick

77. Rose - received deposit for 1st pick for Patches future Poodle litter, now 6th or 7th pick for Berlin Bernedoodle, hoping for Columbus or Equality

78. Kanika K. - male Standard Poodle out of Patches*, interested also in Gracie's Newfypoos

79. R. Randolph - female Standard Poodle, received deposit, 3rd pick for future litter

80. Jeanne W. - received deposit for female F1 Newfypoo out of Gracie, Reese, and Archer 2021, prefers black, text, chose Pebble, will have to wait

81. Amilee P. - returning customer, received deposit for female Poodle out of Patches and Reese, 2nd pick for future Poodle litter

82. Erika - received deposit and 1st payment for 3rd pick for female Bernedoodle out of future litter

83. N. Estes - received deposit for 4th pick for female curly Bernedoodle

84. Kristina G. - interested in a Newfiedoodle out of Gracie

85. Cristina G. - wants an adult dog

86. Michelle L. - returning client, interested in Gracie's male Newfypoos

87. Patrick - interested in small Doodles

88. C. Kelly - received deposit for curly female, preferably light colored, open on breed, 5th pick for Bernedoodle or future Newfypoo litter

89. Shane H. - received deposit plus first payment for black curly female Newfiedoodle Gracie 2021, 3rd pick for this littter, chose Pebbles

90. Brenda K. - smaller Doodle female

91. Lisa B. - interested in a Bernedoodle

92. Joe S. wants a Newfypoo, no preference on color or gender, received deposit, now 3rd pick for Gracie Newfypoo, chose Fred

93. Rachel R. wants a female Bernedoodle out of Berlin. tuxedo if available, but needs to wait for better timing

94. Shirley W. - wants a small Doodle

95. J. Pettie - received deposit, chose Dino

96. R. Holda - received deposit, chose Bam-Bam

97. C. Taylor - received deposit for Mr. Slate

98. Arnold & Cristina - referred by Tucker's (the Gracie Newfypoo) family, sending deposit for Barney, pending