Panda's Bernedoodle Litter Testimonials

F1B Bernedoodle

He is doing SO WELL! He's definitely not "little Scout" anymore. At his last vet appointment he was just over 80 pounds, but that was several months ago.

We often take him on hikes with us and I get so many compliments on how pretty he is and people often ask what kind of dog he is. He's so trainable and he's incredibly smart! He is best friends with my neighbor's dog, Luna, who is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, so they attract lots of attention whenever they go places together :)

He's always excited to go for a hike or a walk, especially if there is a body of water for him to wade into! He's also equally content to just lay around and snuggle with you and soak up all the cuddles. He's been such a great addition to our family over the past year! One of the best decisions we have ever made


Mishka wasn't raised in a barn!

He is so sweet! Totally stole my heart!

...quick update on our beloved boy. Yesterday we went for a wellness check at the vet. Mishka is doing great, currently weighs 52 lbs. He is so handsome, has the softest and prettiest coat, though he does shed a little bit. We go for walks (I like take Mishka with me, he is really good about staying by me and not running off.) and puppy play dates to keep up with his increasing amount of playful energy...He still likes to sleep belly up, lol


Multi-Generational Bernedoodle

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