Maggie's Golden Newfiedoodle Litter
50% Standard Poodle, 25% Golden Retriever, 25% Newfoundland
Mom is an F1 Goldendoodle and dad is an F1 Newfiedoodle
Golda - Sold

Golda is the firstborn of this litter. She is crème in color and may lighten to white. She wears a gold collar, and she should have a wavy coat.

Torah - Sold

Torah is an ebony female who wears a light blue collar. She will have a wavy coat.

Kipper - Sold

Kipper is an ebony male who wears a red ID collar. He is expected to have a wavy coat. 

Shofar - Sold

Shofar is a curly, chocolate male with no collar.

 Sukki - Sold

Sukki is a chocolate male with a grey ID collar. He is expected to have a wavy coat.

Shalom - Sold

Shalom is a black, curly male with no ID collar.

   Priest - Sold

Priest is a male crème with no collar. He should have a wavy coat.

Shadow - Sold

Shadow is a black male and wears a brown ID collar. He is expected to have a wavy coat. Shadow is the big guy in this litter. It is very obvious he takes after his Grandma Newf's size and structure.

 Jubilee - Sold

Jubilee is a chocolate female and she wears a purple collar. She has a wavy coat.

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