Kippi Litter Testimonials -

Newfypoos, Bernedoodles, and Bordoodles!

We are so glad you are enjoying Kippi's puppies so much, We're so proud of all her puppies! Puppies from Kippi's first F1B Newfypoo litters are at the top of the page, and the more recent Bordoodle and Bernedoodle litters are at the bottom of the page.

Puppies from Kippi's F1B Newfypoo Litters:


We had our second vet check today. Wrigley is now 15.2 lbs, which is just short of doubling his weight from 3 weeks ago! He's growing like a weed!! Everything else checked out well, and they didn't find any parasites in him, so yay for wormwood! :) House training is going well. He's telling us when he needs to go out, and that's making for far fewer accidents in the house. Yay! 


Puppy kindergarten went well! He's pretty fearless in exploring new things, especially when there's string cheese involved. He is still very unsure of other dogs, but hopefully that changes soon. Just like one day he wouldn't go down the stairs and the next morning he had no issues with them. The trainers are helping us out with it, so fingers crossed! :) He's got "sit" down pretty well, and is really starting to understand fetch, and that maybe having the window down in the car isn't a bad thing. And he's claimed every blanket as his own, which I find really funny.


The biting is becoming less, thank goodness! He still has his moments, usually when he isn't getting his way. Lol Or when we're trying to brush him or something. We'll get there! He loves bully sticks. I'm not much of a fan due to the smell, but it's better than being the chew toy myself, or the furniture... 


UPDATE: Wrigley at 5 Months

This weekend he discovered he likes to stick his head out the window when we drive. He travels so well! He doesn't like staying home if one of us is going to the store - he'd rather go too, and gets pretty vocal about staying behind! We had our first snow (a dusting, really), but he loved it! Just wants to eat it! The ladies at the groomers love him. I hope he continues to be so good for them because he's not a fan of being brushed at home! He loves the beach, and going on walks.


He has a few puppy friends, and everyone we know loves him and he loves them. We have quite the social butterfly on our hands. Lol Kyle's allergies continue to not be a problem, which is the best part. It's so fun to watch Kyle finally have the dog he's always wanted. 


She's doing so well! And my boys are so in love!

She's doing fantastic! She's eating great, playing, loves being outside with all of us, and she sleeps at the end of our bed at night. Haha thank goodness we have a king size bed lol. Yes we tried a few different names and finally have decided on Maggie. We have all fallin in love with her!

This is Maggie at 10 weeks of age snoozing on the couch with her new family in the lap of one of her boys.



"This is our little 'Nuska in a nutshell:
When we first got him at 10 weeks he was timid. He was at that age where exploring new things seemed scary, like stairs! Within a few days though he mastered that fear and began to explore more. I was surprised by how quickly he adapted. For example he sleeps in a kennel (with a pillow & a toy with his litter scent) by our bed. He cried the first night but hasn't cried since. Plus he actually is able to sleep all throughout the night and awaits for when my husband and I wake up to let him go outside. Ever since day three of having him he knows what "kennel up" means. So he is definitely one smart pup!

He has always been sweet, calm and very social; apparently we have a Mr. Congeniality on our hands. He LOVES meeting new people both within our home and when we go on walks. When we go on walks he wants to say hi to EVERYONE, young, old, he doesn't care. Strangers on our walk say that he is the sweetest and calmest demeanor pup they have met.

He loves cuddles, but he sure can be a bit dramatic if he doesn't get it his way. However, with that said he is fairly obedient, especially now that we are in week 13. He is a puppy and still learning, so he has his moments but we don't have to tell him twice very often. When it comes to training him it only takes him a couple practices with a new trick before he knows exactly what we want him to do.

Currently his favorite game is fetch, he loves his ball. He also adores chewing sticks. Aside from cuddles, if this boy could have a lifetime of sticks to chew he would be the happiest pup in the world.

We love our Newfypoo! His temperament is perfect for our home, he doesn't shed at all, and he brings much joy and love to our hearts."

UPDATE: 'Nuska at 4 Months

Here's some of the most recent pictures. I took the first one the day before he got shaved for the first time...He is still such a sweet boy and he charms everyone who meets him. He loves people. All people, especially children. And he just wants to be friends. He certainly has my heart and he is still a funny puppy...his personality is so perfect! And it sounds like his siblings are all wonderful too!💓love him dearly!

Daisy continues to grow & learn everyday. She visited the vet on Tuesday & was 14 pounds.
She's still perfecting her potty training with only an occasional accident indoors.
She has "sit" perfected. She's learning to give a paw to shake & also to lay down on command. She loves to run & fetch her ball, bringing it back to me every time.
We're still working on being gentle with her mouth. She gets excited & nips the back of my legs sometimes still, but she's getting better about controlling that.
Her favorite toy is a toy stuffed goose that honks. Ha!
She sleeps with me in my bed every night. It's been comical, as she "runs" & "eats" in her sleep!
She has a very sweet personality & is very curious about everything. She follows me everywhere & loves car rides.
My boyfriend's 14 year old Bassett mix is enthralled with her. She tries to play with him & he tolerates her "puppiness", correcting her when she gets too bothersome. But, she brings him great joy!
I hope all is well with you & your family.
Take care,
Donna (& Daisy)
UPDATE: Daisy at 4 Months

Daisy is still petite. She was 26 pounds on Wednesday 9/27 when I weighed her at the groomer.

Before & after pics attached.

She's sweet, playful & smart!
She knows: Sit, Paw, Other Paw, Down & Come commands well! She struggles with Stay. Ha!
She is an absolute joy!

ABOVE: Daisy at 4 months after haircut. BELOW: Daisy at 6 months. Daisy 6 month update: Lyndsey,
Daisy was at 40# on her 6 month birthday! She continues to be the best puppy ever!
She is a quick learner & so sweet!

Hi Lyndsey! Maverick is doing great! Growing so fast, at his last appointment he was 16lbs. Kids started school Monday and he spent most of the day looking for them haha
His lamb is his favorite toy right now but he cuddles with his monkey at bedtime.
UPDATE: Maverick at 5 Months
This guy is having the best time exploring and playing in the snow! He also got his first hair cut last week! He is doing great! So patient and loving towards kids. He comes to the gym with me regularly and everyone has to stop and give him love. Before his haircut he had long hair over his eyes and of the little girls (about 3) was petting him and exclaimed “mom, he has eyes!!!” Lol He is about 35 lbs right now. 

Kinley is doing amazing! She is the sweetest puppy I have ever met and is incredibly smart! So far we have trained her to sit and stay, lay down, come when she is called, shake, and she is getting better at waiting at the door when it's open and waiting before she gets to eat her food. She is very gentle with other dogs that are smaller than her. She plays with our dog Spencer all the time and they have become the best of friends(see the picture of them cuddling on the couch)! She loves to eat grass and play in the water (especially her water bowl lol). We have been taking her on a lot of hikes and she has so much fun walking the trails beside us. She is great on a leash and does so well at not pulling and making sure she isn’t too far ahead of us even when she is off leash. 

She has a few puppy friends across the street that we have play dates with and she really loves making new puppy friends anytime we go out! She’s still a little shy with new humans, but gets offended when they don’t pay her any attention! I absolutely love her and try to take her everywhere I go! She loves to ride in the car with the window down and if its not down she will whine until it is lol. The vet has said she is a very healthy pup and we are very grateful to have such a perfect puppy in the house! She is very well behaved and loves to only chew on her toys or ice cubes! SHE GOES CRAZY FOR ICE CUBES! Lol! 

Thank you so much for my perfect furry baby! We love her so much and I definitely plan on getting only Newfypoos from now on! I don’t think I can own any other breed after having her!

UPDATE: Kinley at 1 Year

Kinley is truly amazing! At one year, she is 56 pounds! She has no shedding unless her hair gets really long and then little tufts come out here and there, but she is completely hypoallergenic and I have no problems with her dander. She only barks when she wants attention or if she is playing with her best friends. She is incredibly intelligent and has learned anything I have taught her very quickly! For instance, she can distinguish between which paw we ask for if we say left or right! When it comes to listening, she is usually a perfect angel, but sometimes her stubbornness comes out and she won’t listen unless food is involved! Her temperament is just like a newfoundland. She is very laid back and will let you do anything you want to her. We try to take her on walks everyday but if we have to skip a few she is just the same and has no behavioral problems. Shes a very goofy pup and is constantly making us laugh with some of the crazy things she does. She absolutely loves ice cubes and can’t resist chasing a blown off leaf! She loves the car and I take her on rides with me every chance I get. One of her favorite past times is to stare out the window. She has a little box to sit on and just look at the day go by. Hiking is her absolute favorite though! She is so great off leash and never strays too far from me, and she is a great warning system for bears! She loves to play fetch and tug of war. She is a total bed hog though! Anytime she sleeps with me she decides the best place to sleep is literally on top of me! She is very affectionate in the mornings though so its all worth it. She does amazing with our other two pups (maltese) and has learned how rough she can be with them. Overall, I couldn’t imagine having a better dog. She truly is a part of the family and I brag about her like I would my children lol. Kinley is the best pup I have ever had and I can’t wait to get another newfydoodle to keep her company! 

Thank you so much!!!


Nali is named after Denali, where this adorable newlywed couple got engaged! We used to call her Sunny. No doubt she's being spoiled in North Pole, lol. Here's what Marika has to say about Nali:

"Hi Lyndsey!
Just wanted to give you a little update about Nali! She is doing great and we love her to pieces. She is a sweet, curious, playful, snuggly little puppy!! She’s eating well, calm in her crate, and getting the hang of potty training too. She seems happy and comfortable, and I think she’s definitely enjoying all the attention that comes with being Mom and Dad’s only child ;) Enjoy the pictures!"



Mishka means "little bear" in Russian. This cutie is also known by us as Dolly. The picture to the right is Mishka napping on top of Boots the Basset Hound. Here's what Mishka's new owners in Glennallen have to say about her:

"Mishka brings so much joy to our lives.  She is the perfect mixture of mellow and playful and smart and reminds us of our former, beloved goldendoodle service dog.  Her legs are growing exponentially faster than the rest of her and she loves the snow and exploring all the tracks around the bird feeder.    Potty training is progressing and  she comes enthusiastically when called.  She sleeps almost completely through the night on a blanket by our bed and plays very well with our basset hound and cat and 11 year old. She will let young children carry her around without protest for nearly an hour. She climbed up from my arms and draped her little self around the back of my shoulders while I drank my coffee yesterday- such a cuddler.  I definitely recommend Lindsey for breeding healthy, loving, beautiful pups." 

Mickey Blue

Mickey Blue was just known as Mickey while we had him. It kind of stuck and the new family added the Blue. Joy, Mickey Blue's new mom, has this to say about Mickey Blue and her experience with obtaining her puppy from us:

"I’m not one to give references for fear that my suggestion would lead to a bad experience for someone else. However, this has been such a remarkable experience for us! I’d give you a thousand references.  Anyone who asks about Mickey Blue, it’s like I can’t say enough good things about you and your family and NewfyPoos. Thank you so much!"

"Mickey Blue had a great first vet visit.  He was declared perfect and healthy...I also have to tell you that my daughter was holding him the other day and turned to me and said “It’s like I have a new best friend.” My heart absolutely melted. The sleep deprivation is totally worth it! We’re so grateful for the amazing start your family gives these pups and that we have such an awesome addition to our family!"

"A boy and his dog - I forgot to attach this pic to my last email. Oh, my heart!"

Kippi's F1 Bordoodle Litter Testimonials

Hi Lyndsey,

I wanted to drop you a line to tell you about Waldo.

He is a big sweetie and loves playing out in the snow. He loves coming to school with me and playing with the students and is always up for a walk or playtime outside. He loves snuggling on the couch at night and is always looking for a quick scratch behind the ears. He goes to daycare during the week and we have been told that he hasn't meet a dog he didn't like. He LOVES having his picture taken, he's a big ham! Training him was a breeze and he is eager to learn something new. His favorite game is tug-of-war but he hates to win, he would rather just play tug all day. Waldo loves car rides and is the perfect road tripper. Seward is his favorite place to be in the summertime.

When I took Waldo to the vet this month he weighed in at 57 lbs, his coat is very curly so I'm sure when he gets his first real haircut he will lose some weight! Waldo is very shy around new people but he warms up quickly, especially if treats are involved. His favorite treat are peanutbutter pig ears and he is a chewing machine! Thankfully he only chews on bully sticks and dog bones and not our stuff lol. Waldo loves being the center of attention, and sometimes if he's feeling "neglected" he will steal the remote, a sock, or something else he knows he isn't supposed to have so that we have to take it from him (it's really adorable to be honest)...Waldo is the best companion I could have asked for. When I'm home alone he makes sure to stick close to me and he has made this winter much more bearable. My son and husband really love having Waldo at home and he jumps around whenever they come home.

We truly love our fur baby and we are so thankful that we have him!

Waldo Kit Kat 1.jpg
Kippi's F1 Bernedoodle Litter Testimonials
Mackenzi Kennedy F1 Bernedoodle

Hi Lyndsey,
Reaching out to give you an update on Kennedy (now called MacKenzie). She is a very smart, talkative and sweet girl. She’s mastered sit, stay, shake, come and rings the bell on the door when she needs to go outside. We’re working on down and off yet. She currently weighs 16 pounds with long legs, a body that’s trying to catch up and some massive paws.  She loves going for rides and visiting with family and friends.  She especially loves playing with a 1 year old lab.  I couldn’t be any happier with her. She’s perfect! We will be looking at puppy school to enhance our skills and for additional socializing. I did discover that one of her liter mates is in the home of a work colleague and we may try to get them together for a play date.   Thank you again, she was worth the wait!


My daughter is a special ed teacher and one of her students has been showing signs of depression, plus she doesn't speak much. So I brought Dillon (Teddy) in to the class to visit. All the teachers said they've never seen her smile that much or even laugh. I know it seems silly, but I think he knew she needed his affection because he would go play with the other kids, but kept coming back to play with her. So thank you, you guys did good...he continues to have a fabulous personality and temperament...


...He's a sweet much loved guy. He knows when I say it's time for bed, he goes in his kennel until five am. He comes when called even off lead. Very much a snuggler and a mama's boy...


...Dillon is 22lbs of fun and laughter he’s so silly. I could not have asked for a better puppy. He walks on and off lead very well. Always come when called. Sits, shakes, almost potty trained if he has an accident it usually my fault for not noticing his signs, apparently running in a small circle means potty time. Loves kids. A little shy around adults but it only take two seconds to warm up to them, His best friend is Obi the cat and Devi the yellow lab. Love this guy...Cutest, most lovable little guy...23 pounds of awesomeness. Love, love, love him...