Gracie's F1 Newfypoo Litter Testimonials

I am writing this testimonial with my most honest and sincere feelings..... finding a newfiedoodle Breeder proved harder then expected so when I came across ”Poodles and Doodles R Us”I was thrilled. We had recently lost our 14 yr old chocolate lab, the previous year our 12yr old Great Dane, and our home despite having 3 young kids felt empty. I had done my research and knew I was looking for an F1 newfiedoodle. When I reached out I was so surprised to hear back from Lyndsey so quickly. She answered all my questions on the spot, gave me even more info then I already had and within a day I was arranging the purchase of our new puppy. She is so invested and I felt comfort in knowing how much she cared about the type of food her puppies were fed, and what our daily routine looked like. Lyndsey took care of all of our shipping arrangements, and was in constant communication with me. We could not be more in LOVE with our Tucker!!!! He is named after Tuckermans Ravine, a famous and difficult trail hiked by my husband here in the White Mountains of NH. He has the sweetest disposition, and is incredibly smart, he found his place in this family instantly. Within the first two days he picked up on his name, learned to sit on command and come when I call him. He loves to just be around his people and snuggle. He enjoys our walks in the woods but his favorite thing ever, is to jump into piles of snow and bury his face in it. It is by far one of the cutest things you could ever watch a puppy do. We have had so many people comment on what an amazing puppy he is, some to the point of asking for the breeders information. For those who might be on the fence about this decision, I promise you will not be disappointed! Thank you again for everything. I am pretty sure you have made us Newfiedoodle owners for life!

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